Helios International Trading Pte Ltd

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Helios success lies in its commitment to provide customized trading solutions to its clients with professionalism and expertise, and in identifying strongly with the outcome. This sense of responsibility means we always strive to add value and are pro active in finding the right solution for our buyers, sellers, partners etc.

Some of the strengths and core competencies of Helios which gives them the edge on the competitors are as follows:

Presence on the Ground

We are always there on the ground,whether it’s in the forest for the timber, farms for the agro products or mine head for the minerals assuring product quality and competitive prices. Helios brings with it a “fresh and innovative” approach to sourcing by reaching to the farthest point of sourcing.

Logistics Management

We make effective use of Supply Chain Management to ensure increased efficiency and speed. Have an In-depth insight into the use of logistics management for timely delivery and a pragmatic approach to eliminate potential roadblocks in the supply chain.

Quality First

If it’s not accurate, we don’t ship it. This is the fundamental code overriding our organization. We endeavour to get it right first time, every time and strive to exceed customer expectations whenever possible.

Professional Manpower

Helios boasts of wellQualified Manpower with exposure to various working systems of the world. We have effective systems in place considering the dynamics of trade in different sectors and are proud of the workforce which understands the different nuances of the trade.

Long Standing experience

Long Hands on Experience helps the team to effectively do a due-diligence on each trading project. Hands –on-experience remains an invaluable asset for the team.The long experience of the team also helps to face any crisis with the maturity it needs. It gives the required confidence to sellers. buyers and partners for fostering a long term association with us.

Highly Networked

Senior Management is highly networked across continents through persistent travel and work exposure. This has helped us to access wide spread Database of Buyers and Sellers across the globe.

Strategically Located

We are strategically headquartered in Singapore with strong base in Dubai giving us access to 2 major trading hubs of Asia. We deal with some of the top banks in Singapore giving much needed comfort to our buyers, sellers and partners.